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Making the Paginator API-friendly in Laravel 4

posted 10 Sep 2013

A while ago I wrote an article on how you can build pagination with Angular JS and Laravel 4. I missed one critical piece, that being; how the paginator can actually be consumed by simply returning it from your controller action. In this article we'll go through how you can update Laravel 4's Paginator without touching its code, and ensuring that you can use it as easily as I do. Read more

Pagination with Laravel 4 and Angular JS

posted 15 Aug 2013

Pagination on the server is a pretty easy task to accomplish. As applications move more and more to the front-end, we have to find new ways of solving old problems. Pagination on one-page applications is no different, but it's really not that difficult. In this article I'll demonstrate just how easy it is do pagination using Laravel 4 and Angular JS. Read more