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Making the Paginator API-friendly in Laravel 4

posted 10 Sep 2013

A while ago I wrote an article on how you can build pagination with Angular JS and Laravel 4. I missed one critical piece, that being; how the paginator can actually be consumed by simply returning it from your controller action. In this article we'll go through how you can update Laravel 4's Paginator without touching its code, and ensuring that you can use it as easily as I do. Read more

Laracon EU - PHP event of the year!

posted 18 Aug 2013

It isn't very often I get excited about conferences and events - but Laracon EU, despite it's name could very well be the PHP event of the year. The reason is because Laracon isn't just about Laravel, it's about PHP technologies and practises in general. Read more

Data, *Context*, Interaction - the DCI design pattern in PHP 5.4

posted 16 Aug 2013

The DCI design pattern in PHP in the past has only been plausible. But thanks to PHP 5.3 and 5.4, it's now possible to implement the pattern and along the way, demonstrate just how expressive PHP has become in the past 2 years. There are many ways to implement the DCI design pattern, but in this article I'll show you how I've done it - and how you can use it in your own PHP projects, including how to tie in with Laravel 4. Read more

Pagination with Laravel 4 and Angular JS

posted 15 Aug 2013

Pagination on the server is a pretty easy task to accomplish. As applications move more and more to the front-end, we have to find new ways of solving old problems. Pagination on one-page applications is no different, but it's really not that difficult. In this article I'll demonstrate just how easy it is do pagination using Laravel 4 and Angular JS. Read more

An alternative application workflow in Laravel 4: Part 2

posted 10 Aug 2013

In my previous article, we explored an alternative method for our workflow in Laravel 4 for medium-large applications. Here we'll explore this in more depth, by looking at the steps and code required to make such an application arrangement work well and to ensure that communication between the packages makes sense. Read more

An alternative application workflow in Laravel 4

posted 17 Jun 2013

Laravel 4 provides a great deal of convention when developing your applications, but for large applications, or applications that share components - this becomes unwieldy and can affect both your workflow, and your productivity. In this article, we'll explore an alternative application structure using packages and the workbench. Read more