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Pagination with Laravel 4 and Angular JS

posted 15 Aug 2013

Pagination on the server is a pretty easy task to accomplish. As applications move more and more to the front-end, we have to find new ways of solving old problems. Pagination on one-page applications is no different, but it's really not that difficult. In this article I'll demonstrate just how easy it is do pagination using Laravel 4 and Angular JS. Read more

Angular JS: Using ngResource in a more RESTful manner

posted 27 Jun 2013

ngResource is a fantastic RESTful library that you can easily inject into your Angular JS services to create easy-to-use, API-driven data requests. However, it falls over if you're trying to maintain good RESTful practises, such as PUT operations for updates, and POST for create. How can we manage this in a more autonomous way? Read more