An alternative application workflow in Laravel 4: Part 2

posted 10 Aug 2013

In my previous article, we explored an alternative method for our workflow in Laravel 4 for medium-large applications. Here we'll explore this in more depth, by looking at the steps and code required to make such an application arrangement work well and to ensure that communication between the packages makes sense. Read more

Angular JS: Using ngResource in a more RESTful manner

posted 27 Jun 2013

ngResource is a fantastic RESTful library that you can easily inject into your Angular JS services to create easy-to-use, API-driven data requests. However, it falls over if you're trying to maintain good RESTful practises, such as PUT operations for updates, and POST for create. How can we manage this in a more autonomous way? Read more

An alternative application workflow in Laravel 4

posted 17 Jun 2013

Laravel 4 provides a great deal of convention when developing your applications, but for large applications, or applications that share components - this becomes unwieldy and can affect both your workflow, and your productivity. In this article, we'll explore an alternative application structure using packages and the workbench. Read more

When to use directives, controllers, or services in Angular JS

posted 08 Jun 2013

There appears to be some confusion as to the various moving parts of Angular JS and when to use them. Directives, Services and Controllers all provide some amazing functionality to angular apps, but each serve a very different purpose. Here I aim to clear up some of that confusion and provide examples as to when to use each concept. Read more